Barkeep Book 2nd Edition:

The Art of Mixology, Bar and Cocktails

This book is dedicated to the just starting apprentice,
to the professional bartender, to the cocktail enthusiast and anyone who enjoys a good drink.

A Modern Bartending Guide

This book is dedicated to the just starting apprentice, to the professional bartender, to the cocktail enthusiast and anyone who enjoys a good drink.

Day Bar Book

Barkeep is a modern-day bar manual with a focus on hospitality, service, bartending, making and serving drinks, wine, coffee, and cigars.

Barkeep provides a huge amount of practical and more importantly very necessary information in a logical and organic way so that the novice bartender, as well as the seasoned veteran, can easily find what they are looking for.

“To be good at any profession, I truly believe that a focused, determined, and positive approach is the best way. Barkeep is composed of advice, experience, unique philosophy, cocktail recipes, knowledge, and theory.

The barkeep was written in a very specific way, throughout years of experience, with the purpose of sharing knowledge to future and present bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts”.

Danilo Božovic,
Author of Barkeep

Bartender, a professional host

The role of the bartender is much more than just making drinks or cocktails, pouring beer or making coffee.

As a professional host, the bartender is responsible for the whole experience and, at the same time, the well-being of the guest and the establishment. This is accomplished with sincere hospitality and professional service. Although our craft experience different periods the significance of the bartender as a good host remains of the greatest importance till this day.

The professional bartender should strive to reach the highest possible personal and professional standards. The best way to learn is from different situations while tending a bar where one should always analyze his performance and work.

Realize where the mistakes have been made, correct them and move forward. Nobody can know everything, but what the bartender does not know today, he should know tomorrow.

Bartenders, who read books written by greats such as Jerry Thomas or Harry Johnson, recognize the importance of a satisfied guest.

For some people, the role of host is more natural because they either grew up next to a person of such behavior and attitude or they innately have the character attributes which allow them to communicate more successfully with people. In order for a bartender to be a good host he needs to understand his guest well enough, to anticipate and satisfy his needs from the moment he enters the bar. For this to be possible it is crucial for a bartender to know and understand his bar (history, drinks, menu, philosophy, etc) if he intends to be a good host to his guest. The tools of our trade can easily be learnt, but to become a good host requires a lot more than that.

A bartender’s job is to make sure his shift goes smoothly. This is why he should be aware of everything that goes on at the bar. He is the one with control and that is how it should stay until the end of the shift. He should never lose control nor be unpleasant or repulsive towards a guest. All issues that occur during the bartender’s shift are his responsibility and up to him to resolve.

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